A Hora da Sesta


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Compilation of loose notes which tell the story of Delmira Maçãs, benefactor of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa; living accounts written in the first person. In this fifth volume of the collection entitled “Biographical Notes - Steps to Death”, Delmira Maçãs recounts her personal experiences which occurred between 1958s till the ends of 1959, when she was 35 years old. “Sleeping time, siesta time. Weariness of the morning fatigue. Intervalo para as canseiras da tarde.Break for the afternoon weariness.Hora da quase indiferença, mesmo que surja o vento e as tempestades”, resume a autora. Time for the almost indifference, even if the wind and the storms arise”, the author summarizes. In this narrative, the author shares with the reader her singular look at the Portugal of that time, in an unmistakably sagacious and ironic register. These writings unveil Delmira Maçãs, a complex and contradictory personality who found in the blank of the pages her most encouraging confidante. It was on paper that she, meticulously, registered her daily life, such as her anxieties felt from the dawn to the dusk of her existence; a profound reflection diffused in numerous texts which she, methodically, kept throughout her life. Delmira Maçãs’ books were published by Santa Casa in 2009, in compliance with the testamentary request of the benefactor of Misericórdia de Lisboa, institution which she has chosen to be her rightful heir: institution which she has chosen to be her rightful heir: the publication of, not only, her personal autobiographical writings, but also those of religious and literary nature. It comprises a set of 16 volumes, organized in three collections: Biographical Notes - Steps to Death, Dialogue with the Gospels and Miscellaneous.

Authors: Delmira Maçãs Delmira Maçãs
Ano de publicação: 2013

Editor: SCML translated
ISBN: 9789728761530

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